Selected Projects

Drawings for the Cappellini Panettone box, Christmas 2005

Giulio Cappellini assigns every year to a different designer the decoration of the panettone box (a typical Milanese Christmas cake), which is given as a Christmas gift to friends and journalists. He asked me to do the ones for 2005 and 2006. The pictures show the 2005 panettone box. I divided the top face of the box with an axonometric scheme (axes X, Y, Z). These axes were extended to the side faces. On the new sides, the X/Y became the axis Z, while the original Z axis remained. With this solution, I managed to create a three dimensional view also on the sides. Therefore, each side had a justified axonometric view on which I integrated the drawings of some selected furniture of Cappellini. This work had a quite important role in conceiving the advertising campaign of Cappellini for the next year.